One of my dear ones had an invite to teach in a church. When he returned, what I heard gladdened my heart as a pastor. Someone said to him, “You are not the same person I used to know”. This was in reference to the capacity with which he ministered.

Beloved, when doors open for you, they are your tests. It will expose whether you have been trained or you have remained untrained.

There are people who would not know that they have not grown until they meet someone who knew them some years back. Godly character must never change but capacity must never remain the same.

Do not just think that it is because you are a blunt teacher or preacher that you have not been invited to that platform you had a while back- it may simply be that you failed a test.

As much as ministry is not performance, the capacity of the minister can be placed under the ray of light and we can see low or high capacity.

You cannot spend time with God in prayer and not speak as such. Jesus and the Pharisees taught from the same scroll but when the people listened to Jesus they knew that there was something different- Authority.

The congregation said Jesus taught as one that had authority. How did Jesus get authority? He was not sold out to letters without communion with the Holy Spirit. From the onset of the calling, he was full of the Spirit and led by the Spirit.

His intimacy with the Holy Spirit translated into authority in ministry. Jesus fasted and prayed.

The disciples he trained could not do less. Those who knew Peter knew something had changed. Those who knew John knew this was more than they knew about him.

Since you became a believer, what has changed? What growth can your friends and family point to? Do you still talk the same way? Are you still fond of the same weaknesses? Where is your proof of training?

Training prepares you for platforms. Platforms expose your capacity. Do not cry for platforms. Cry for the blessing of training and trainers.

When you step on a platform, training will speak and not folly. May your opportunities not become a burial ground. May your platforms be spring boards.

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