Months after I asked my wife out, we were discussing about the season and I reminded her of what I said the day I asked her out. I actually apologised.

I said to her, “I have carried this burden for weeks. I apologise because now I have to transfer the burden to you as you decide whether you will marry me or not”.

A burden never leaves you the same.

Beloved, a burden is an invitation to partner with heaven to birth a divine move on earth. When heaven wants to step into the affairs of a generation, heaven looks for men to place a burden on.

The truth is whatever you do with a burden determines what you become in a generation. If you shake off and ignore a divine burden, you will become a man of yesterday. It will be like a wood taken from the flames. It will not be ignited.

However, if you take on divine burden, you you have taken on something that is naturally beyond you. You will become a voice that counts in a generation and heaven will also reckon with.

You will never know accurately the purpose of a season or a promotion if you do not carry a burden.

Esther would have thought being a queen was a personal breakthrough without a burden for the redemption of the Jews. Suddenly, the glamour of her office became the passage for the birth pangs of a nation in pains.

Nehemiah would have just settled for a testimony of God lifting him up in a strange land if he did not remain connected with Jersualem and pick up the signal that became a burden.

A burden brings you first to your knees before it sets you on your feet. Esther called for prayers before she could dare walk the corridors of the Palace into the presence of the king. It will always be knees before feet.

Nehemiah took his pleas on his knees before the Lord. What he birthed within affected his countenance. His feet did not shake when he needed to ask for leave to face a divine task. It will always be knees before feet.

If you run without kneeling, it is either you did not have a burden or you did not understand what you carried.

A burden will make you know that you must not be in a hurry to celebrate a promotion until you discover the purpose behind it.

A burden makes you see that there is nothing heaven bestows on you that is for personal use.

Will you partner with God? Are you ready to carry a divine move for your generation? Heaven is looking for men who will carry a burden that will birth a move.

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