That night, it was a bumpy ride getting to his house. Just after settling in, the conversation began. One of the questions he asked was a bombshell.

He was definitely concerned about what I was thinking when I decided to abandon law in order to do ministry in a small community.

Any smart person would know that the economic strength of where I was based was poor.

He asked: “Are you sure you would not be a liability to your parents?”

I smiled. I answered with wisdom.

Friends, on the journey of vision and the call of God, one of the gifts you must trust God for is “wisdom and tact”.

There will an Arioch moment knocking on your door. Do you know Arioch? That is Nebuchadnezzar’s executioner.

He had an order from the king to kill all the wise men of Babylon. He had killed some but when he got to the door of Daniel, Daniel answered him with tact. Daniel did not lose his head.

There are foolish answers you can give that can make you lose your head.

Some questions seem deadly but are friendly but some seem friendly but are deadly.

He asked me a deadly but friendly question. He had my interest at heart. It was not to undermine me in any way.

But some questions seem friendly like the one Saul’s uncle asked him, “What did Prophet Samuel say?” Saul did not tell his uncle everything. He only told him about the donkeys and said nothing about kingship.

Know what to say. Know what not to say.

Before anger makes you rush into answering a destiny question in a fleshy way, calm down.

Before self pride gets in the way, calm down.


Before you tell a destiny helper, “Why are you asking me a stupid question?” , calm down.

Daniel did not lose his head. He answered with tact. Answer the call but pursue wisdom in God.

Can I pray for you?

May the Lord endow you with the Spirit of Wisdom. You are blessed with the grace to give Spirit Inspired Answers.

The capacity to communicate with the wisdom of God is yours. You will not lose your head.


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