The almost 2 weeks spent in the hospital was not so much fun. At times tears drop as we saw our daughter go through pains.

It was not a lovely sight to behold. She looks into your eyes pleading with tears that the nurses and doctors should stay away.

But this is the shock we received. When we got home, Danielle began to sing all over place (although she sang while in the hospital at several times) a song that shook us:

Translated it means: “Lord, receive my praise while I am still alive. My corpse cannot praise you”.

My wife and I asked, “Where on earth did she learn or hear that song and how did she know that is the song meant for the season she just went through?”

One of the shocks of parenting.

But I sense to stir someone’s heart today:

You will not just sing through your tough season, you will sing after your tough season. You will sing the song of the Lord’s deliverance.

When Israel made it across the Red Sea where Pharaoh and His soldiers were buried, they sang a song about the horse and its rider being thrown into the sea.

You will come back singing. What brought you fears and made your heart beat fast will make your mouth move in thanksgiving.

You have shed tears because where you are does not tally with who you are and your dreams and expectations, worry not! You will sing a new song.

What the Lord will do for you, you will never be able to tell it all.

Use your tough seasons to shame the devil. Sing a song. Place it on repeat till your heart catches it. Let it burn in your spirit and set you ablaze.

Refuse to be down. That state is not the final. You are leaping for joy. Your hands will carry what you have dreamt of.


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