When I first heard it all, I had a great laugh but there was more than that. The conversation goes like:

Danielle: Daddy, how are you?
Daddy: I am fine
Danielle: Are you sure?
Daddy: I am sure
Danielle: Have you messed?

Daddy Laughs Uncontrollably.

As funny as it may sound, it teaches me a lesson in going the extra mile and the Spirit of Hospitality.

In the world where we live today, it is so easy to say “How are you?” and move on without even an answer not to talk about having an extra time to check on the person.

“How are you?” is just a formality and not any show of hospitality.

Wait a minute!

If Abraham simply said “How are you?” to those guests and moved on, would the word for Isaac have come or would the plan about Sodom be revealed or would Lot have been rescued?

“How are you” must not just come out of our mouth, it must be a product of a sincere heart that is hospitable.

We need to get more deliberate about listening to people.

Can you imagine someone having a conversation with you some few minutes ago and then you heard that he or she just committed suicide?

There are a whole lot of people who walk about with covered hurts and pains. There are folks who are hiding a whole lot of issues behind smiles.

Pastors cannot do it alone. We also need to be more sensitive about Pastoral Care. We must be intentional about conversations with people about their emotional health.

But more than that, you must be sensitive about your siblings, colleagues and friends. This is important.

People must not slip through our hands and not get gripped by a heart that really cares.

Do not be in a hurry to just talk- listen till you can pick heartbeats and words not spoken.

People will spill when they discover there is an ear that listens.

Depression is real. Challenges are there. Can be just kickstart a love revolution?

(I will share the links to 3 messages with you soon on Challenges, Loving A Kilometre Extra and Do not Write Yourself Off).

And please, if you are going through issues, do not hold it to yourself.

Can I ask you like Danielle:

How are you?

Are you sure?

I will not put the third one so you do not over-laugh!

Listen to L.A.K.E. (Loving a Kilometre Extra) by Pastor Temiloluwa Ola.

There is love in sharing

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