Danielle and “MY DADDY”

Danielle has a unique way of calling me. She would say “my daddy”. When you tickle her, she says “my daddy”. When you are scolding her, she says “my daddy”. When she is crying, she says “my daddy”.

One day Irewamiri said to me, “Do you know that name does not change no matter what you are doing to her? It remains ‘my daddy'”.

Jesus must be showing us something pretty important when He said that praying begins with “Our Father”.

The finest revelation of God you can ever have is knowing God as “father”. Jesus told us, He is “my father and your father”.

No matter what life throws at you, never forget the fatherhood of God.

When you walk on the road today or drive through the streets, remember that He is your father.

When you are maltreated at work or given a letter of promotion, he is still your father.

When your account seems not to carry your next bill, He is still your father.

When you mess up, do not stay down out of shame and guilt, He is your father!

Let nothing steal the revelation of the fatherhood of God from you this season.

He loves.
He gives.
He forgives.
He is your Father.

Talk with your Father in storms.
Talk with your Father when it is fun.

Walk with the Father when it is rough
Run to the Father when it is tough.

Let nothing steal the revelation of God as Father from you. It can take you from the pig’s sty right back into a party at home!

The Father’s love is deep- it stands looking out for you when you miss it. It runs a mile towards you as you take just one step.

The Father’s love is pure- it does not sleep or slumber. He is there always.

Can you silently say to yourself “My Father”?

Now keep telling Him what you want to say! Prayer is rooted on that revelation and grounded in that relationship.

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