Those days while growing up, Mum had a special skill of waking us up to do two things- read in the middle of the night and pray at a little before dawn.

Whenever she comes to wake us up to read at night, she would point her hand and say look at the window of your friend’s room. Can you see the light is on? Be encouraged and read also.

We all need lighted windows in our midnight season. When sleep seems so sweet and waking up is not attractive, you need that lighted window that challenges your mind.

The relationship of the disciples with Jesus woke up something in them- that’s a lighted window. Jesus would say to them, “Greater works than these shall you do”.

You spend five minutes with some people and life seems to ooze through your entire being- your bones are literally on fire. That is a lighted window.

When David killed Goliath, it sparked up the flames that anyone can be a giant killer. Before you knew it, there were more bold young ones taking on big things- that is a lighted window.

Some of us took on the call to unusual places because we love God. I know others who are willing to do same now- that is a lighted window.

You are scared of marriage but you see a young, romantic and blessed family and you are fired up and encouraged- that’s a lighted window.

On the journey of life and destiny, be on the lookout for lighted windows. Build relationships with such lights. Learn from the lighted windows.

Be a lighted window also.

David would have been killed by a giant but one of those he lighted up stepped in to save the day!

Friends, we gain nothing by killing other people’s light- it makes your world darker!

There is love in sharing

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