I had an appointment to keep with my spiritual father but it seem it was going to be a bit of a hectic day for him. I reached out to his Personal Assistant. He explained how the day had turned out to be very busy but he made a very important statement:

“Pastor, please stay here. This is where he will pass, once he sees you, the matter is settled”.

That made it easier to see him.

Friends, there is a place to stay so you can receive. You cannot just be anywhere and expect to receive the blessing of the Lord.

You cannot stay in sin and expect the grace of God to abound. You cannot stay in dishonour and expect the hand of God to be upon your life. You cannot be in mediocrity and expect the honour of those walking in diligence. There is a place.

Zacchaeus as a strategic thinker had to find out where Jesus will pass through. It may look casual but the things of God have channels they flow through. If you are wrongly placed, you will get nothing.

Second, there is also a posture for those who will receive. Elisha knew that placement is important. He wanted to stay by the side of Elijah. But Elijah then told him that posture is also important:

“You have asked a difficult thing,” Elijah replied. “If you see me when I am taken from you, then you will get your request. But if not, then you won’t.”
2 Kings 2:10 NLT

Simply put, you need to concentrate so you can receive. If you are distracted, you will get nothing.

Can you imagine that I left the place where the Personal Assistant told me to stay? Can you imagine that Zacchaeus did not see placement as important? Can you imagine that Elisha decided that he needed to focus on other things at the time? No!

Life requires attention. Encounters require attention. Assignments require attention. That is why the devil fights with distraction.

Do not leave where God has told you to stay. Do not leave where the Lord has placed you. Stay there. Have the right attitude. Surely, your time will not pass you by.

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