Just after preparing a cup of beverage for her that morning, I handed it over to her. I did not hear what she said initially but when I asked again I heard “Daddy, bread”

I looked at my daughter and said to her, “There is no bread at home”.

It reminded me of childhood memory- our neighbour’s house always had sliced bread. It was available for anyone who was hungry.

Do you know that in the tabernacle, right in the Holy Place, there was a table of shewbread? That table must never lack bread. As a matter of fact, the bread on the table must be freshly baked every day.

That was the bread that David had when he got hungry while running from Saul.

Jesus also told us to pray in this manner, “Give us this day our daily bread”.

Friend, there is a bread that proceeds from the mouth of God every day for you. Unlike me, when you ask God for bread, it is never lacking.

Jesus even said that “Healing is the bread of children”. It is always available. Even at midnight, the friend had bread to give to the man who had a late visitor.

There is bread for the day. There is bread in the night season. There is bread here!

If the crumbs can heal the sick, then you can think about what the loaf can do.

You are a child. You do not get crumbs.
You are a child. You do not eat from that which falls off the table.
You are a child. You can say, “Daddy. Bread”

And trust me, God will never say, “there is no bread at home”.

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