I was teaching my young ones in the college. While trying to explain the concept of time, energy, wisdom and seasons to them, we came up with two simple equations.

First: Time Plus Energy without Wisdom equals to the life of a lot of young people.

What does that mean? A lot of young people have time and they have a huge dose of energy but unfortunately, they lack wisdom. A young person must invest that ample time and high energy into seeking wisdom.

Second Equation: Little Time plus little energy plus regrets equals to the life of quite some old people.

What does that mean? Most old people now have a variant of wisdom called regrets. Regret is wisdom that now lacks opportunity for expression. It lacks time and does not have energy. That is the life of many old people. Their words begin with “I wish” or “If I could…” or “If I were your age again”.

Friends, when you are young the devil steals your time and your energy. He is a thief of both. He ensures that young people waste time and energy on what does not count. Why? By the time you become wise, you will realise that you now lack the energy and no longer have the time to execute what you should have done with your youthful life.

What then should be the equation of the life of a wise man? Time plus Energy plus Wisdom equals to a productive life. When you use your time and energy with wisdom, it will surely pay off.

Hear what the Proverbs said:

People ruin their lives by their own foolishness and then are angry at the Lord.
Proverbs 19:3 NLT

What choices are you making?
What equation describes your season.

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