For about seven years, we had quite a large parcel of land that we did not use. During the lockdown, our eyes opened to it and Irewamiri began some farming projects there. There are some useful trees already on the land.

When it was the season to harvest the seeds and keep for sale, we noticed that strangers who have no right over it had been picking the seeds for those years we abandoned the land. It became a tussle getting them off the land. They had developed a sense of entitlement.

Whatever you have that you do not use limits you. The power of a weapon is not just in ownership, it is in the usage. If you do not use it, another person will hijack it.

As a believer, you have the authority in the name of Jesus, use it. You have the power resident in the blood of Jesus, use it. You have the anointing of God upon your life, use it. You have the gospel as a weapon of kingdom advancement, use it.

Stop sitting and looking while you allow strangers to take what belongs to you as a son. The day the prodigal son remembered his position as a son of the father, he stopped craving for the meal of pigs. He walked out on pigs and walked back home.

When Hagar began to misbehave because she got pregnant, Sarah had to remind her of her position as a maid and not a wife. Abraham told Sarah, “She is under your authority. Do with her as you want”.

Hear me- Your need does not make you less. The fact that you don’t have some things materially does not change your status as a son and daughter of God. Speak from your position and your condition will bow.

Walk out of that pity-me mode. Go and take what belongs to you. You do not owe them any apology. You do not owe the devil any explanation. Kick him out of your business. You are a Son and not a slave. You are the redeemed and not the enslaved. You are the more than a conqueror and not the victim.

Take your place! Use your weapon. Do not let the devil hijack it.

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