We were driving out of a shopping mall when we heard the sound of some loud music that was blasting from speakers placed outside, Irewamiri looked ate and said, “I cannot imagine getting excited at this type of music”. Strangely, it was her comment that even made me realise that music was being played- my spirit did not pick it at all.

Whatever excites a man has a root in his heart and is a stakeholder in his decisions in life and destiny. Whatever excites you or gets your heart will succeed in moving you.

Men have been moved into God ordained destiny and at times, destruction simply by the things that excites them. Your ears are gates into your soul.

You padlock your gates to strangers but open up your soul to strange things. You spend so much on physical security but so little investment in securing your heart- you are not smart!

Let me ask you: What excited Jesus? What excited Paul? What excited Peter? What excited the early church? If you think their lives were boring, you have not touched what they touched.

Jesus forgot food when He saw a soul that needed to be harvested. Paul said “None of these things move me”. It was the gospel that moved Paul.

Have you been singing with friends before and you got so lost in worship that you were not aware time had gone so fast? Have you been on knees before in prayers and realise that four hours look like forty minutes?

Excitement thrills and when not well managed, it kills also. Beware of what excites you- is it an agent of life or an agent of death?

Your craving can lead you astray. Beware what you crave for:

“…it is through this craving that some have been led astray and have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves through with many acute [mental] pangs.”
1 Timothy 6:10B AMPC

What excites you can lead you astray. Beware of what gets you excited.

Following Christ is not boring. If it is to you, you have not met Christ. Maybe, at best, you know religion.

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