As I drove, I looked out of the car window and saw labourers standing by the road side with their tools ready. They were simply waiting for the call to serve.

At that moment, the Holy Spirit inspired my heart about how believers must always be ready, available and willing to serve the Lord.

One of the prayers you must learn to pray is “Lord, whatever you desire to do in my generation, do not do it without me”. You must be ready for divine beckoning.

A lot of people have desire but they lack pursuit. They admire those who respond to God’s call. It inspires them but they would always develop a cold feet when heaven beckons on them.

One man came to Jesus and said that he was willing to follow Jesus. Jesus told me how hard following can be. The man wanted to begin the journey with sentiments. Jesus knew and reinforced that sentiments have to die if you will follow effectively. (Luke 9:57-62)

One of the things that will keep you from stepping out with God is the fear of survival. If you are trying to build some security before obeying God, you do not know the one who has called you.

The first thing that must be established between yourself and God is trust. You must settle it that the one who called you to the labour field will definitely pay the bills. God is a great employer of labour. He does not owe any man.

Are we saying you must not learn wisdom? Yes we must. We learn by following those who through faith and patience have obtained the promise.

We learn from them how the work is done. We learn how to create systems and structures. A lot of people are called but they have not learnt how to build structures. We learn how to raise altars. We learn how to handle pressures.

Be ready. Be available. Be willing to learn, to grow and to go. Be God’s own labourer. Be available for deployment.

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