We had to camp teenage students sometimes back. It was seven weeks of a lot of sacrifices- time, sleep and even meals. At a point, we had to take all the foodstuff we left at home to the camp.

I got a report that one of the teens showed ingratitude. While trying to correct him, I said, “Even we are going back to an empty kitchen”. The moment I said it, I knew that I got all the demons of lack excited and activated.

I ran to the church office and began to meditate and confess scriptures on the fullness, abundance and provisions of God till I got clarity in my spirit that it was settled. The next day, someone gave our family a gift of food supply. It was the sign I needed. No more empty kitchen.

There are no jokes in the spirit. Angels and demons only know words. They do not know jokes. Careless thoughts and careless words are what the devil needs to ride on to operate in your space.

Words spoken in anger are still words. You call it a mistake, but the realm of the spirit calls it tools.

Life and death are in the power of the tongue- if your jokes speak life, you enjoy life. If your jokes speak otherwise, it manifests also. If you speak death in anger, you cannot say “I was angry when I said it”. Words are doors.

Do not jokingly say, “I don’t want to marry early”. You have spoken words that will set things in motion.

There was a night when someone at home wanted to step out. Once he opened the door, a rat ran into the house. He did not intend it, but the rat is already in. How? A door was opened.

There are things you did not intend but you left the door of the spirit open by words.

That night, we all stopped all we were doing. We did not rest till we got the rat out of hiding and out of our space.

If you have spoken careless words, the Word of God must be your friend. Go there. Dig out the Word of Life and begin to declare it.

Why the Word of God? Words are spiritual. If your careless words were not mere words, mere motivation cannot change it also. Speak the word of life not just some motivational quotes.

In tough times, and at all times, watch your words.

© temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa

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