As a young boy, I had the opportunity to see a diligent medical doctor go about his work almost every weekend.

One of the days I cannot forget was a woman in the pain of labour who began to rain curses on her husband. She was not finding the process of labour easy. The matron shut her up and asked her to focus on delivery.

I want to tell you today that you must watch the things you say when you are going through tough times.

When Ziklag was destroyed and their wives and children were captured, the men of David were talking about stoning David while David sought the face of the Lord for a word and direction.

Crisis is like a mirror- it will always show what you are made up of. If you are full of bitterness, it will show and if you are full of the blessing, it will show also.

The man who gets a word from the Lord and receives direction will always be the master of the one who is led simply by emotions and lacks a sense of direction in the middle of a crisis.

Do not let the pain of the process produce words that you will later regret. Trials come to reveal what we are made up of.

There is the pain of labour and there is the joy of delivery. If you refuse to endure the pain of labour, you will not have the joy of delivery.

If you allow pain to rule your heart in crisis, you can end up destroying opportunities that are meant to help you.

I pray for you- Your vision will not die. Ideas and insights that you carry will see the light of day. You will see with your eyes what you have conceived in your heart.

Do not let hard times make you throw in the towel. Push. Pray. Act. Wait. Plan. Execute. Produce

© temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa

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