There was ongoing construction work in our compound some years back. The bricklayers had moulded some blocks. After it dried, Dad wanted to invite them to stack the blocks pending the time it will be needed.

Well! My cousin and I were attracted to the money they will be paid but we underrated the work. We volunteered with the whole of our heart.

We did the work. We finished the work but the pains we nursed for days were an absolute classic.

Sin is a burden. The only challenge is that a lot of people carrying it do not know and understand the weight. Why? The god of this world ensures that what is meant to be a burden sounds, looks and feels like pleasure.

“Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Matt. 11:28

When you wake up to what Jesus has accomplished for you, you realise that there is a rest in God that you have been missing all along.

The price of sin is life. The cost is that heavy. When sin is forsaken and there is repentance, it cost the life of Jesus Christ. However, when sin is unrepented, it cost the life of a sinner.

Men who carry the burden of sin are restless. They try to find rest in the wrong places. Men whose lives are not submitted to God are ruled by things that are not convenient.

Do not wake up and realise that the weight of sin has left damage on you. The price is too heavy.

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