I love weddings. Everything about it. I enjoy the wedding reception where the smell of food and the sound of music permeates the air.

Severally at weddings, I have left without eating anything (even my wife and I do not know how the rice of our own wedding tastes like).

I have a simple solution that I adopted: “I do not wait for the reception meal. I ensure I eat something from home before I get there”. (I am a genius right?)

It is great to look forward to the wedding rice but that is not and will never be the meal that will give you strength and vitality that each day requires.

Same way, some believers wait for special occasions to feed on the Word of God- it is an inadequate diet. No matter how small it is, consistently feed yourself daily. Open the Bible. Read. Put it to heart. Listen to messages. Pray.

Wedding meals excites us but we do not depend on it for our growth. It is good to be excited about conferences and conventions too; they play awesome roles. But they must never take the place of daily consecration, concentration upon and confession of the Word.

Do you know how exciting it is when Pastor’s sermon is exactly what you meditated on earlier in the week? You have more light!

Party Rice must always augment personal feeding. If it becomes the major, that will be a disaster. If you attend all conferences without a personal effort at studying, you will be malnourished.

I know there is a lot of social media exposition of the Word also (it is good) but it must never take the place of personal study of the Word.

Stop waiting for wedding rice. Get in the kitchen. Stand the heat. Get a great meal for yourself from the Word of God.

Eat it privately. It will do you good.

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