I was stepping out of my office. I was scheduled to be in a small group meeting outside the church. Danielle noticed that I was about going out. She wanted to tag along.

From that moment, anything I told her to do, she did it willingly. I told her to wear her sandals properly, she did it fast. I asked her to drop a tiny piece of cloth she had been playing with, she also did.

At that moment, I knew the Lord was speaking to my heart. He said to me, “Son, following me comes with a price. There are things that you must be willing to drop”.

When Jesus called the disciples, he said to them “Follow me and I will make you…” Following ends up in transformation. That is why the religious council could say of Peter and John that “Surely, they must have been with Jesus”.

You cannot be fellowshipping with Jesus Christ, the Word of God and remain the same. Things will begin to drop off. Anger and bitterness will melt into God’s love. You will lose the capacity to hold grudges.

Someone asked one young lady on the day she got filled with the Holy Ghost a simple question, “When did you become like this?” She could smell transformation.

When you are a follower of Christ, you must bear the fruit of the Spirit. There is a forming of Christ going on right inside of you- you cannot talk like you used to. You cannot even dress like you used to. You stand in front of the mirror and the Holy Spirit asks, “Is that what you want to wear?” Ah! You drop the worldly look and put on Christ.

When you are in Christ, the Lord teaches you to be humble. People are nailing you to the cross but all you see is the hand and plan of God. Stones are hitting you real hard and you see the heavens open and the glory of the most High God. You simply look mad. You have no room for offence.

We are called to pick up the cross. When you pick up the cross as a disciple, your direction changes. It is an encounter that demands a change of direction. Your legs will simply not dance to certain tunes any longer.

When you follow Christ, what used to be food becomes poison. You come to an awareness that sin is poison. You are no longer a slave to sin. You have dominion over the works of the flesh. There is an empowerment to live a righteous life.

Discipleship is a call to consecration. There will be things that are not even necessarily sinful that you have to wave goodbye. You simply know that if you keep at them, your growth will be limited.

What are you willing to drop?

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