As a young boy, I had the privilege of visiting my Dad at work. Seeing the artwork of his students was always a delight. However, whenever Dad steps in to appraise their work, I am always surprised when he begins to correct the things that I celebrated. The things that I see as a great art piece suddenly emerges with a low grade. For me, it was amazing but for the teacher, it was not.

If God takes a look at what you are building right now with your life expressed in various aspects including your marriage, parenting, friendships, ministry, career or business, what will God see?

But the Lord came down to look at the city and the tower the people were building.
Genesis 11:5 NLT

One of the things you must settle early is this- Do not judge yourself by the praises of men. Judge yourself by the marking scheme of the one who formed you and who will hold you accountable for your actions.

Someone said once that we will be surprised who the great ones among us are when we get to heaven. Do not try to copy the template of any other person. Stay faithful and humble even if the portion commited to you looks insignificant.

When you asked God for a child, do you remember what you told Him? Are you still on track with that kingdom commitment? Have you gotten “better alternatives”? Mary’s role of giving birth to Jesus may look insignificant but to heaven, she has done her portion.

What did you tell God that you will do with your life? You remember the tears as you prayed as an undergraduate. However, you keep saying it is time to face reality even though God keeps nudging you to do what you promised.

If God looks down on what you are building, would it be according to the pattern that heaven set for you?

The wise man build on the rock. The foolish man builds on sand. When you look at it from ground up, it all looks the same but when the storms come to examine it from surface to the roots, the folly of one of the buildings is exposed.

What are you building?
Is Heaven impressed?
Is it as you promised?
Have you changed the plan?

What are you building?

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