There was a night Danielle went to bed pretty early and she woke up hungry the next day. She was so hungry that she wanted to have anything in sight. She took some water first. Then as a caring Dad, I wanted her to be strong on time, so I gave her a drink. She rushed it. A few minutes later, she vomited everything.  Her system could not tolerate it. In a bid to care, I rushed her into what her system was not ready for. 

The best way to build anything is to do so strategically and systematically. Any time we wait for a crisis to pass on lessons, two things are likely to happen: first, we would be teaching from emotions and second, we are likely to get into extremes. 

In the world of health, the practice is “prevention is better than cure”. A dear father would always add, ” It is not just better, it is cheaper”. Over time, science developed the system of immunization. Through immunization, you prepare the body for a likely attack in the future. Why? We know that if we wait for the disease to break out before we commence treatment, things may already be late. 

What is the point here? Your daily intake of the Word of God and your daily commitment to prayers is very essential. If you wait for a crisis to get into the Word and get into prayer, you are too late. 

Second, the best time to know what the Lord has said about the institution of marriage is long before you get into it. You cannot start preparing for an examination in the examination hall- that would be too late. 

We must begin to inoculate our children through thorough discipleship. Show them how to pray. Answer their questions from your heart and with the help of the Holy Spirit. Do not wait for a crisis. Do it while you have the time. 

Emotional responses in a crisis can lead to greater crisis. Churches have to become systematic in discipleship. We want a generation that is gifted but also rooted in Christ and displays greater character. 

We want children who are groomed, not by the screens and the keypads but by the spirit of love and the intentionality of godly parents. 

If we rush what we are meant to inject periodically, our seeds may end up choking on what we gave to help. We may have great intentions but end up with children who vomit back to us what we gave to bless them. 

Dear fathers and mothers, this is the time to build the immune system of your seed. Prepare them for a world that is changing consistently. 

Do not forget that we need to be as wise as serpents but equally be as gentle as doves. 

Behold, I send you forth as sheep amid wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. 

Matthew 10:16 KJV 

temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa

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