One of the things they kept telling us at ante-natal appointments close to the day of delivery was “Once the water breaks, start coming to the hospital”.

But they did not mention that between the breaking of the water and the delivery of the baby were heightened heartbeats, random groans and pains, consolation words, some things that cannot be described.

There are things on the journey that you will not be told but you must surely experience. You will get to the palace but you will go through the pit, Potiphars and the prison.

But all I want is the baby and I have seen the water, what is it with the pains in-between? What is it with the labour pangs? What is it with the suspense that is not so much of fun?

I want to say to a person of vision today, you are burdened and you do not even know how some of the process will be sorted, you are in the labour season.

In labour time, be surrounded with friendly faces who tell you to keep at it. Give more airtime (ear-time) to friend than you give to critics.

Imagine a woman in labour surrounded with pessimists and naysayers. They will chase them out. Let no one start giving you tales of those who did not make it.

Surround yourself with midwives- people who are on the outside yet can see into the inside. People who know what you are going through but will encourage you to where you are going to.

Friend, push. Push in prayers. Push in asking for what you need. Let them say No and then ask another.

The water has broken that is why you are pressured- nothing can stop the bringing forth now.

You are two days away to the event and your heart keeps having that clog of “Will it work?” Hey! It will work.

You are few days to the wedding and you sense the pressure- the water has broken. The baby will come.

The project is halfway and finance is now low. The water has broken. The baby will come.

You were called into ministry. You have obeyed but you are in some stormy season, trust God. The water has broken. The baby will come.

Can I pray for you?

Your vision will see the light of day. You will be here to smile at the end.
That dream will not fail. That call is of God- it will not die. Your seed will not die in you.

Do all it takes. Pray. Draw Insight. Call out resources. Talk to People. Take the next step toward delivery.

That devil is a liar. Receive strength now!

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