Danielle asked for pap in the night. The mum made some pap for her. After about an hour, the mum decided to take the leftover. Suddenly my daughter begins to ask for her pap.

Mum was used to seeing her ask for things that she would later waste so mummy ends up eating it so it does not waste. When she kept crying, mum said to her, “I cannot allow you to keep wasting things”. Her mum did not bulge.

Do you remember Esau? He wasted what he had been blessed with and subsequently sought it with tears out of regret. By then, it was already too late. He had lost something important. He had lost that opportunity.

Think of the third servant in the Parable of Jesus about the talent. He buried the only talent that he was given. The master would not condone such an attitude. He took it from him and gave it to another who is profitable.

We can be tempted to keep complaining about what we have been blessed with. Every time we complain, we lose sight of his blessing. Esau complained about what he lacked and sold what he had thoughtlessly. Men who grumble will always gamble away opportunities.

Have a plan. Whatever you abuse will be used by another. What is your plan for your time, money or even your emotions? If you do not plan your time well, it will be used by those who are well planned!

Be grateful for small things. A man calls his wife all sort of names yet she has a colleague who says she is a strong woman. You can never see great value in anything that you do not appreciate.

A teacher used the tip of a board marker to touch a whiteboard. He asked the class, “What do you see?” The class responded that they saw a dot. Then he asked, “What happened to the entire white portion that is spotless?”

If you are always spotting errors and faults in others, that is all you will see. You will always find what you have established in your mind. The sad part is you will end up wasting all the great potentials that are also there.

You can lose good people because you were stuck in their weakness and refused to see their greatness. Whatever you focus on is amplified.

God will bless you with resources. Do your best to make the best of them. The son of the prophet died a debtor because he did not value his relationship with the prophet. He was too close to see his opportunity. Yet his wife cried to the same man he worked with all his life and the family fortune changed.

What opportunities are you wasting? God would always take from the unfaithful and give to the faithful. If you are called to an assignment and you are unfaithful, remember that for every Saul, there is a David in waiting. Do not waste your opportunities.

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