The university I attended was a quite groovy one. There were constant events taking place in our amphitheatre. Both A’list and upcoming artistes frequent the school. Most times the events are paid for.

There is also the notorious boys of Awo Hall. They were popular for their “creative energy and throwing of verbal jabs”. We call it “Aro” (an exciting display of short-term madness).

Every time there is an exciting event and all those who have paid and gotten tickets have settled in, these boys will come singing songs and walk confidently towards the gate. Often times than not, the gates have to open and they access events for free.

Beloved, that is how powerful praises are in spiritual warfare also. Gates open to men who have songs of praise in their mouth. What others got by struggling can come to you by praising.

Praising breaks the toughest chains. At midnight in prison, Paul and Silas sang hymns to the Lord and the prison doors open by itself.

The Psalmist made us know that there are songs of deliverance. Surely there are gates that must be lifted up but they will open to a man who knows how to praise. We enter gates with thanksgiving in our mouth. If you can sing, you can win.

In the genealogy of Jesus that we do not love reading in Matthew 1, there is a simple and profound line, “Judah begat Perez”. Judah is “praise”. Perez is “breakthrough”. What does that give you? Praise gives birth to breakthrough.

This season, do it with an attitude. Gates will open. Doors will open. Cities will be taken. Jehoshaphat taught us that praise is a weapon of war. Praise changes the tone of the battle.

What gates are before you?
Where are the closed doors?
Where are the songs of deliverance?
You will return with a testimony!

Praise ye the Lord!

There is love in sharing

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