When Dad leaves a pack of juice in the freezer, I drink as much as I can but I ensure I do not finish the juice.

My siblings or most times my cousin would see just a remnant and feel Dad would not be interested any longer in a tiny quantity. So they finish the juice not realizing that I actually took a gulp of it.

When Dad discovers, the question is “Who finished my juice?” It is never “Who drank my juice?” I am always the first to point out the culprit- my cousin fell to this couple of times!

There are folks who are the first set of people to point an accusing finger.

They commit fornication and adultery with ease; watch porn and indulge their flesh but no one seems to find out yet they are the first to scream when “Sister Purity” gets pregnant. In fact, everyone must hear.

The fact that sin is unexposed does not reduce the gravity.

One of the things that made Jesus Christ our High Priest is because he can sympathise with our weakness and He had been tempted in every way.

We must have no confidence in the flesh. It could have been you caught in the web of sin but thank God you did not fall to temptation.

We are not to crucify those who fall (Jesus was crucified for them already). Our work is to restore them gently.

First pull a wounded soldier out of the path of fire before you accuse him of not following war strategies.

Friends, do not stab a fellow soldier to death with your accusing fingers (leave that to the devil). Let your aim be to strengthen his feeble knees and lift up his wounded mind. Form a guard of defence.

Always remember, both the one who took the juice without finishing it and the one who finished it are both culprits!

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