When we returned to the room in the ward. My lovely wife opened her eyes for a little while and requested to see her baby.

As they laid the baby in her hands, she said “Moyantoluwa, this is you. Have you seen your Daddy? You have an amazing father. Do you see how much you are surrounded by lovely people? They are all amazing”

Weeks later, I reminded my wife of these words and she could not even recollect the things she said but for me, it stuck.

As believers, we have an assignment to point others to the Father. As a Pastor, the day ministry becomes about me, I have lost it already. We must keep pointing others to how amazing the father is. When they look at us, we point them to Him.

As Parents, you are the one with the primary responsibility to point your child to God. You model it. You mentor him. You keep at it till they get it.

Truth is, God has also surrounded us with amazing people also. We are a part of a big and caring family.

You must not be too spiritual that you are always the first to run out of church after every service- it is a family. Ask after someone. Pray with another. Give another a hug. Just beam a smile to someone else.

Even when churches are not meeting in physical buildings in most places, have you played family by reaching out to someone?

There is no spirituality in isolation- it is pride. It is needless. The predator’s eyes is always on the look out for the isolated prey. Even if you have had a bad day, the atmosphere of love at home should change things.

Even if you have a very tight schedule, love means being generous enough to minister to the woman with the issue of blood while on your way to raise Jairus daughter.

Your life will take a new turn when you understand that you have an amazing father and you are surrounded by awesome siblings in the faith.

There is love in sharing

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