I still had the bullet wound at the upper right-hand corner of my back. The wound was not as fresh as the memories of the attack itself!

I dozed off at the backseat of the commercial bus with the noise of its acceleration disturbing my nap!

The next thing I heard was a loud bang like a gunshot. I jerked from my little nap scared to the teeth- it was the exhaust (silencer) of the bus!

Friend, things happen in life that leaves scars on our body but worse scars on our minds. Rape and sexual abuses leave scars that live long after the event itself!

It replays itself in our subconscious and we are scared of its grip!

I want to talk to someone who is stuck because of a scar: Be careful not to let an event become your biography.

Do not let rape steal your life after stealing your innocence! Do not let it put your life at “still”.

We cannot deny that you were hurt but do not forget that you still have a future.

Do not give an event power over your life. In that bus, I smiled and made up my mind that I would not be tied to the fear of armed robbery all my life!

The next time the exhaust pipe of a bus releases that loud bang like a gun, I simply smiled and said, “my scars and my hurt will not have dominion over me”

I refused to view life and people through the glasses of my pains.

On the cross, Jesus dripping all over with blood with mockers all around Him saw sinners to be forgiven and not mockers to be condemned.

In Egypt, Joseph saw a family to love, feed and shelter and not oppressors to pay back in their own coin.

Friend, do not pay back with aggression. Do not transfer the anger. Do not let the hurt change you.

Bleed love and not the pains.

There is love in sharing

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