“Temi, even if you say God has called you to ministry, why must it be Eruwa? Why can’t it be Lagos? At least, that would have given us more hope”

Those were the words of some of those who loved me dearly when I was picking up God’s call to ministry in Eruwa. “Lagos has more shine,” they said. For them, it would be easier in Lagos.

Honestly, there is no better place than where God has placed you. There is a geography to divine assignment.

Assignments are given and not chosen. If you choose your grounds, you will need to provide all you need by yourself.

But if you are planted by God, there will surely be a river of water for nourishing and refreshing. There will be fruits and you are protected from withering.

If fear causes you to set up a tent outside of God’s plan for you, faith cannot build a shield when the storms hit. For someone, do not let the fear of finances deny you that adventure of faith.

My point today is this: The fact that most folks are planting churches in cities does not mean that is my own beat. Do not be under pressure to do it the way all others will do it. Do it the way God wants it done.

Honestly, I was also scared of how I or we will survive at the point of stepping out but you will be surprised how solid the waters that are meant to drown you become under your little steps of obedience and trust in God.

My friend, I declare you free from the pressure of public opinion. You cannot be a bondservant of Christ if you are a slave of societal pressure. You are free from the fear that keeps men in perceived safety in defiance to the will of God. You walk in the light of divine calling.

Finally, do not let money be the motivation for divine calling. Money is needed in ministry. True. But money can never be ministry. Money is too cheap to keep you from following God’s plan.

What has God called you to? Are you doing it?
Where has He called you to? Are you there?

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