A couple of years back in the early days of ministry, I was already fully dressed for our Sunday Service when I suddenly had a heavy heart; an untraceable burden. I grew weak. My internal strength did not support my external frame.

It was a battle with thoughts like, “Are you now making sense with your life?”, “Is this what you will do all your life?” And all such thoughts.

I am not a superman. I began to shed tears and pour out hymns and worship unto the Lord. I got late to church that day but I won a private battle.

If you had ever looked at life and wondered if you are making sense, I have been there! If you had ever looked at the effort you put into things and weight it with the results you get and you become weak, I have been there.

Every person of vision has private battles that they must win. Vision halts where passion drops and private battles are lost.

The devil wants you to keep looking at things but you need to settle this now- The source of your joy is not in things.

The devil wants you to conclude that a “No” from one person is a “No” from the whole world. That’s ridiculous. You see why he is the father of all liars.

The devil wants your heart to be low because of the figures you see financially. Your joy account is not tied to your bank account.

Friend, you may be in a season of questioning and depressing thoughts may seem to have a grip on your mind. I know just how to loosen that grip:

Worship in the midst of the pains.

Hold on to the string of God’s hope.

Receive Strength for the journey.

Stand again and face the vision.

Guess what! ROUTINE is one of the keys to successful living. Doing the same thing over and over again is not “insanity” when you are doing the right things. It is “Wisdom for Success”.

And stop comparing yourself with others- that is the express road to depression.

The devil knows I will wake up every day with vigour and face this call of God on my life. Persistence breaks resistance. I mean, look at how faithful God has been and how far he has brought us.

This season, your strength shall not fail. You will rise with joy. You will get results. Your mind is sharp. Your hands are strong. You recognise and maximize divine opportunities. It is well with you and your vision.

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