I was in a meeting as one of the guest ministers. At a point, the host and the congregation began to pray for all the ministers. When they started praying, I had the prompt to go on my knees but I noticed that I would be the only one if I did. I did not want to be the odd one out.

Then, the Spirit of the Lord asked me, “Did I call you jointly or individually? Is your consecration and journey the same?” I went on my knees right away. I forgot the pressure of trying to look like a big man of God

(Note: I am not condemning those who did not kneel. Far be it from me. I am saying that a man must know the demands of His walk with the Lord and not allow public impression rob him of obedience to divine instructions).

Many are stuck in life, marriage, career and ministry because of the pressure of appearing like everyone else. If Elisha wanted to be like everyone else, he would not have gone the extra mile with Elijah. And certainly, he would not have carried the mantle for his generation.

Beloved, if you are in church and you sense that you should go on your knees while worship is ongoing, do not try to package. Your christian walk has an audience of One and that is God. Get on your knees without shame or guilt and let it out gracefully!

Do you remember that woman who broke the alabaster box at the feet of Jesus? They actually thought she was overdoing it. Only herself and her Lord knew it was a significant moment of destiny.

Jesus said that because she did not allow shame to hold her from doing what she was meant to do, her story would remain an eternal part of the Gospel. I am still talking about her now. (Matthew 26:6-13)

A sense of shame is the companion of men who fail. If the devil succeeds in injecting the fear of shame into your journey, you will remain small and would never take giant steps in God.

What has God asked you to do? Forget about what anyone will say. Don’t start adjusting instructions because you don’t want them to view you as “too serious” or “not packaged”. If it is for God and commanded by Him, you do not owe anyone an explanation.

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