I was speaking with a dear son when he made a very profound statement. He said, “Sir, the Lord told me that whenever He asks me to sow a seed, it is because I am the one in need”. It was too profound for me. 

There are times we posture as if we are doing God a favour. If God calls you to ministry to serve Him, you are not doing God a favour.  When you leave your certificate to serve in ministry, you are doing God a favour. Do not begin to develop a sense of entitlement. If you will do, you will leave the stage. Once you think, you are the only one, your replacement is waiting! 

If at any time you find yourself giving to God through a ministry, a minister or the needy, you are not doing them a favour and you are not doing God a favour. It is only a privilege. If men are wise enough to know there can not be just one pillar in a building, God knows that one man must never be able to boast that, “If not for me, that church would have not stood or that Pastor would have been homeless”. Never let it happen to you at all. 

If you know you are in your church by revelation and instruction, do not think you are doing your Pastor a favour. You are not! Put your heart and your hands fully into what the Lord has commanded you. Perfect alignment is needed for fruitfulness. Branches do not produce fruit by playing “touch and go” with the stem. They stay there! The branch that winds succeeds in carrying away has been denied its destiny. 

If you are called alongside a minister and you know it with all assurance, serve with your heart. Men will call you names but the Lord will never put you to shame. 

Jesus made a very heavy statement while explaining offence to his disciples. He said even if your master does not thank you for all you have done but He goes ahead to give you more work to do: 

“Suppose one of you has a servant who comes in from plowing the field or tending the sheep. Would you take his coat, set the table, and say, ‘Sit down and eat? Wouldn’t you be more likely to say, ‘Prepare dinner; change your clothes and wait table for me until I’ve finished my coffee; then go to the kitchen and have your supper? Does the servant get special thanks for doing what’s expected of him? It’s the same with you. When you’ve done everything expected of you, be matter-of-fact and say, ‘The work is done. What we were told to do, we did.’” 

Luke 17:7 – 10 MSG 

Kill that entitlement. You are not doing God a favour.

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