A STRONG HEART IS NOT A JOKE (Countdown to 34- Lesson 9)

At different points in my journey in Eruwa, I would feel like “Can I just be somewhere else?” It is tempting to think that I would do more somewhere else. I face the temptation of comparison.

The devil would always whisper that “Turn stones into bread”. Just like the brothers of Jesus told him, “If you know you are called, your mates are doing big things. Go and show yourself also”.

I have learnt on this journey that you will faint if your heart get exposed to the subtle seeds and arrows of the devil. Guard your heart with all diligence

Your assignment is not same as others. There is no small assignment- it is the size of the sender that determines the size of the assignment. Do not fall into depression through comparison.

You can never be more than God has ordained for your life but at the same time you must never be less. A great waste in the Kingdom are men who leave their portion in destiny to work the field of other men. The only one worse off are men who never positioned themselves to be deployed.

When you see social media bling with results, keep your heart and stay calm in God. If you enter the trap of trying to keep up, you will be turn apart internally and then turn to pieces externally.

A planted tree has limited options- its nourishment comes from the soil where it is. If greed or keeping up makes a planted tree go from place to place, it will dry up. Do not let the devil play with your mind.

If you are not careful, your upkeep can become the reason for your downfall. Watch it closely. You cannot keep up with everything. Keep your track. Stay focused. Celebrate the progress of others. You don’t have to prove a point to anyone.

May you be able to say like Paul, “I fought the good fight. I ran the race. I finished my course”. Do not leave your course. The applause of heaven must be louder than that of men. Do not seek that of men and you lose the applause of witnesses in the stands of faith!

Let your heart be strong.

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