VISION COMES AT A COST (Countdown to 34- Lesson 8)

For the first time in our six years of marriage, we had reason to vacate our home for seven weeks because of vision. A lot happened in those seven weeks- we stretched, we had to keep the glow alive, we took ill but got better.

However, the time spent camping students and impacting those young ones would be a part of our life story. It was a season when vision was enlarged.

Excuses are the graveyard of great and audacious steps in vision. You will always find legitimate excuses for anything you do not want to get done.

Without leaving his bed, turning like the hinges on a door, a man who give excuses would see the lion on the street.

Because of excuses, even if he has a vineyard, it is overgrown with weeds. There is no deliberateness about life. His dreams are huge but his steps are casual.

Consistence is the hallmark of great men. Their routine may stretch them but they are not on the list of men who give up easily.

No matter who you choose to become in life, it will definitely come at a cost.

Why don’t you give that vision all the push that it needs. Let not fear keep you on the same spot.

Nobody charges for you for imagining greatness.
Nobody charges you when you make a bold ask for a huge favour.

Go and ask for that land.
Go and ask for that building.
Go and ask for that space.

When it comes to that vision, give it all it takes.

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