THE SECRET PLACE (Countdown to 34- Lesson 7)

While instructing a dear one about preaching, I said to him, “The most essential part of preaching is your preparation. The most essential part of preparation is prayer. It is what a man catches on his knees, that burns in his mouth on the pulpit and sets the pew on fire”.

A man that has no place of kneeling should not bother with standing to open his mouth before men. At the worst, you will be a motivational speaker and at best, an inspirational speaker but God wants more than that.

Anyone can weave words together but it takes a man who got a word on his knees to speak to the heart of men.

Anything that keeps you away from your knees will soon get you off your feet. The stability of the Christian walk and more so of a soldier of the faith is in bended knees.

Paul definitely knows the enticing words of man’s wisdom but he also knew that there was the words that come from a place of power and the Spirit.

Paul definitely was sold out to the secret place of prayer. You cannot write such epistles if you do not have an altar. You cannot raise men like Timothy, Titus and Onesimus if you do not have a place of shaping.

You cannot be beaten and get up; thrown in prison and not lose your voice; abandoned by friends yet encounter angels except you are a man of the secret place.

Vision drawn from the furnace of intercession can withstand the flames of opposition. Only He who stands before the unlimited one knows where to draw resources from.

Discouragement will hinder a man who has no place of prayer. Insight about who to call, when to move, how to move is received on the mount of waiting.

If your knees are not far from the ground, your feet cannot be weary in vision. To birth great things, you need to march out the weeds to the secret place.

Leave a track in the Spirit that generation to come and pick the residue of your sacrifice.

The place Jacob slept on a stony pillow was where Abraham raised an altar to the Lord. If you bypass the burning bush, you will have no voice before Pharaoh.

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