I know how overwhelming the schedule of my wife is. I would constantly give excuses on her behalf. There were times I did things without carrying her along. They were innocent mistakes coming from “I don’t want to bother her”.

But that changed- I am learning to become intentional with working with her as a team. I realise that everytime she brings a counsel or suggestion on board, it makes life easier.

Honestly, there are days she is tired but I would lovingly insist on delegating some of my ministry duties to her- she always blows my mind away every single time.

Marriage is made up of the man and the woman. There is a reason why it is not the man alone. The man needs a help-meet.

A lot of men are flying on one wing who have the potential to ride storms because they give different reasons why they think or believe their spouse cannot do much.

Some men actually relegate their wives to the background. You keep forgetting that the harvest you lack in your home is simply because someone had to diligently play the role of “Husband” or the “Bridegroom”.

You will watch her make some mistakes but you keep grooming. She will see you make mistakes and you must be willing to welcome her suggestions.

Beloved, there will always be significant progress in any home where the woman is given the wings to fly. Her progress is your blessing.

I have seen numerous examples of visions that great couples jointly built. Beloved, there is greater harvest but it is locked up in your spouse. Would you be wise enough to work as a team and propel each other to new heights?

Relieve one another of burdens.
Relieve them of weights.
Unclip her wings.
Let her soar.

There is love in sharing

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