OUR FIRST MISSION TRIP TO ERUWA (A Prophetic Charge and A Blessing)

OUR FIRST MISSION TRIP TO ERUWA (A Prophetic Charge and A Blessing)

It was the 15th of December 2006. I came with 28 friends from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife to the Land of Eruwa. We were all undergraduates. It was on an evangelistic mission. It was called Night of David- a night where giant-killers were raised (the exact words we used).

The first thing we did when our buses stopped at about 10 pm that night in my father’s compound was to remove our shoes and we prayed that God should do mighty things. God did and He has not stopped doing. Beloved that was 14 years ago. I was 20 years old. Today I am 34!

There is no prayer prayed that is a waste. There is no seed sown that does not have a cycle of harvest. Today is a day of remembrance for you. For the seeds you have sown and the prayers you have prayed, the acts of kindness you have rendered, your season of joyful reward is here.

There is activation for divine remembrance today- the passion you carried, dreams you had, visions that you saw but time and situations have sieved out of you is coming back alive now.

There are places where you have stepped prophetically that you know has a place on the map of your destiny. By the mercies of the Lord, your feet are fully planted in that which the Lord has revealed.

For Joseph, when the door of the prison opened and shut behind him, he had no need to return there any more. If he did, it was not as a prisoner. When the palace door opened, it was left open permanently:

I sense to declare to someone today- the doors of your trials have shut behind you. The doors of your reward have opened unto you.
The dreams you have that you thought have been aborted will be delivered.

That pregnancy that has been threatened will be delivered. At the timing of the Lord, the shout of rejoicing will permeate your habitation. There are no miscarriages. You sang to conceive. You will sing to deliver.

In your generation, when greatness is called, you will be among. When irrelevance is listed, your name will be missing. You will man your place of divine assignment.

Do not give up on that journey yet. You are in the rest of those who prayed ahead of you. You will see great results.

This shall be a great season for you.

Thank you for being a part of my journey.

God bless you.

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