On the trip, the police officer asked me to park for routine check. After checking the car’s trunk, he requested for the papers and my driver’s license.

I handed it over to me. While checking the papers, he asked me, “Are you a Pastor?” I replied in the affirmative.

He said to me, “You should have introduced yourself and I would not have stopped you. I honour pastors”

I replied him, “I honour police officers also. You are simply doing your job”.

“I do not like delaying pastors. Kindly pray for me” He responded. I prayed for him.

First, whether you are a pastor or not, as long as you are a believer, you must understand that there is a high demand of godly character placed on you. You are meant to be an example.

Do not dishonour the laws of the land and then a place a stamp of spirituality on it. You are an example.

Do not drive with expired documents and use titles to bulldoze your way through- you will be one of our challenges.

Second, honour must be mutual. No matter how terrible you see an institution, honour them. Do not insult them. Listen. Be patient. Dishonour cannot bring about any change. Give to police officers on the road even if it is some kind words (tough right?)

Third, this is a good season to honour those who have blessed you- especially your pastor! You are on break while some of them are not.

You can travel home for holidays; they have to stay and cater for the needs of the church. Their wives and kids want the break too but they rarely get it. Honour them. Make the season worth while!

Check up on them. Place a call through to say thank you. Compose a text that explains they have been a blessing. Send them gifts. Reduce their burden. Some are overworked right now.

I asked a group of friends and protégés to send a token to a gospel minister this season. What a joy! His songs have been a blessing in tough seasons to most of us.

Be deliberate about honour. Plan it. Prepare for it. Honour is never accidental. Be deliberate.

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