It was a trying period. We were gradually coming out of it due to the counsel of teachers. Our emotions have come under severe stress. We looked at the season and the challenges at the time raised a lot of questions.

Fortunately, we had a chance to hang out with another couple- our friends. We were vulnerable as we shared our experiences. They spoke about their journey also- seasons when the wife had to wash one of her private wears every day at the close of work so she can use it the next day.

We (the men) told both our wives about how the needs at home already put us under pressure before they even ask at all. We mentioned that there had been times we held the steering wheel of the car and shed tears as we looked to God and racked our minds.

What is the point? If your marriage will be strong, take your journey with teachers who challenge you and friends who are real. If your circle of friends puts you under unimaginable pressure, you will stress your marriage.

If your home is surrounded with only talks about “perfect homes” who go on summer breaks and shopping spree or gist about party clothes and all you talk about are things that have no long-lasting impact, you will stress your marriage.

Friends, surround yourself with teachers who have gone ahead but have not lost touch with where they have been. They teach you from the pains of their process and not just the pressure of their present status. They remind you that they did not get to blend or prosper overnight- keep them tight!

There are people who have forgotten the days that they could not afford to buy clothes from expensive stores but they keep telling you that is what you must wear- run fast. Run! Thank them for their love but run.

Do not lose out on the joy of your process through the burden placed on you by those who have either forgotten theirs or are simply not being real.

Yes! There is safety in the multitude of counsel. But do not forget that “Who” is more important than “What”. Who is giving you the counsel? Even the devil can say the truth.

One of the finest counsels we got before marriage was so simple- “Own your journey. Laugh at your mistakes. Do not take yourselves too seriously”. When we have a lot, we laugh. When it is not enough, we laugh harder. We love up on each other while we wait, trust and plan for better days. Why should you lose what you have over what you do not have?

What is your company like?

There is love in sharing

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