I told my associates that “We will never joke with people who have served with us in ministry no matter how they left us or how they view us today”. The only thing we would remember about them is the sacrifices they made while they were with us. We will always honour them. That singular decision has kept me free from offence.

No matter how bad people treat you, you must never get to a point where you become hurt. When you are hurt, you will become closed up. When you become closed up, you will not give your best. When you do not give your best, you will never get the best also.

For Adam, when God was bringing the animals, he was looking for a helper. God was actually sharpening Adam’s ability to recognise so that when the Woman shows up, he would not miss it.

Dear called ones, do not be offended at those who show up first and leave you. If you do, you will block what the Lord is bringing to you.

Do not get offended when the people you see do not look like the people you desire you see. Do not be offended when those who come only “come to pass”.

Keep doing what you have been assigned to do. Adam named the Animals and he ended up naming the woman also.

It is not about them. It is about you developing your capacity to recognise. If you do not recognise what you do not need, you will not be able to recognise your help when it also shows up. The ability to recognise is something that must be groomed.

The multiplication is tied to your ability to recognise. If your recognition is faulty and you despise men because of offence, you will not enjoy multiplication.

No matter what! Do not be offended with those the Lord brings to you. They may not look like it yet. They may not even stay with you. Just make sure that you are growing!

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