Today (18/03/2020) makes it exactly eight years that we had the first service in Eruwa. We were 14 in service and I shared on “Winning by the Blood”. What a mighty God we serve!

I remember sitting with my spiritual father and asking him, “Daddy, if you are to start ministry all over again, what will be your three major priorities?”

He asked me, “Son, are you thinking of building a house now?” I said “No”. He asked again, “Son, are you thinking of buying a car now?” I replied in the negative.

He then drove home the lesson, “Son, if I would start all over again, my first major priority will be to build the people. My second major priority will be to build the people. My third major priority will be to build the people”.

I was a bit baffled. He then continued by saying, “The people will return to buy the church a land and build it. The people will also buy you cars and build you houses. Just focus on building the people”.

In the past eight years many people (in their thousand now) have passed through us in the land of Eruwa. Our commitment has not changed- building the people.

Friends, the greatest investment of your life will be the lives you touched and changed. Your impact in life will not be measured by what you drive but by what drives you.

If God has called you to ministry, it is an altar where your ego and personal pride becomes the sacrifice. You must be willing to lay it all on the altar for God.

By the way, you will invest in people that you will still have to say “bye” to. You will wish they are with you forever but seasons will change. You must understand that they belong to God and not to you.

There will be seasons when it looks like building people seem draining but you must keep at it. There was a time Jesus looked at his disciples and said, “For how long will I be with you…?” That was the voice of a teacher looking and rating his investments in his students.

Beloved, make sure that the summary of your life is not like that of the rich man that all that was noted about his life was the cloth he wore and the food on his table and nothing about the lives he touched.

“There once was a very rich man who had the finest things imaginable, living every day enjoying his life of opulent luxury.
Luke 16:19 TPT

And there was Lazarus at His gate yet he did notthing about it. Friends, God will place the assignment you are meant to handle and lives you are meant to touch so close to you that you will have no excuse when you are called to give account.

When Lazarus died, the rich man also died. Once the assignment died, the man also died. Once you have no assignment on earth any longer, your life ends. You live to fulfill assigments.

What lives are you touching? Are you living for the assignment? Or are you only acquiring toys?

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