Just after his service year, he walked up to me and told me about his plans. He gave his life to Christ just as service year was starting. He had his fair share of temptations that he got delivered. It was certain that the hand of God was upon his life and God brought him to Eruwa for a purpose.

When I saw that he was not yet sure of what he wanted to do. I gave him pastoral counsel: “Stay in Eruwa for the next three months. Do not be in a hurry to go home. If a place has fed you spiritually and stabilised your faith, do not be in a hurry to move from there”.

The three months became six months and eventually, he got a clear picture of what he should do with his life. His parents said to him once, “Whatever they did to you in Eruwa has brought an amazing version out of you. Do not take Eruwa for granted”.

I know this is not a popular opinion but it is godly counsel. To decide where you settle, prioritize your spiritual health and growth. It is better to earn lesser where your spiritual growth is assured than you earn much where you will spiritually decline.

A dear protege had an opportunity in millions. A few weeks into the new job, he called and said, “I feel spiritually choked. I simply work all day. I do not have time for my soul and spiritual growth. I cannot continue here”. He resigned. His former place wanted him back desperately. They even gave him a higher package upon his return. But it afforded him the place of growth and building a solid walk with God and service to and through his local assembly. He had time to also mentor younger ones.

I know we are in days when people want to “blow” rather than grow. But do not become driven by your needs. Be led by the need to groom and nurture divine seeds that have been placed within you.

You can say to me that “Pastor, at least we must survive”. Truth is your challenge is not survival, your challenge is contentment. What do you need to survive? But even then, God has called us not to “survival” but significance. Do not be quick to think the significance is simply about money. If that is your thought, you have chosen Mammon.

Jesus kept telling us that “Do not worry” in the sermon on the Mount. Why? He knows that is the string that pulls our soul from focusing on our God-walk!

God blesses. God multiplies. God increases. He does it when we respond to a faith walk with Him. Take consolation from Abraham:

look to Abraham, your father, and to Sarah, who gave you birth. When I called him he was only one man, and I blessed him and made him many.
Isaiah 51:2 NIV

Do not forget: Prioritize your Spirit. Stay where you will grow and not just where you will “blow”.

*Blow- It is a popular word used by Nigerian Youths to express a person who has come to affluence or influence.

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