Everytime we get close to the gate of our house, one of the ladies in the car with us would request for the key to unlock the gate which I always get to hand over.

Danielle is now the new key-woman. Once we take the turn towards the gate, you will hear her say these words, “Daddy, Key!”

I will always hand the key over to Danielle who then hands it over to one of her aunts.

That is how we open the gate of our house, someone asks for the key!

In the same way, there are keys in God’s kingdom. There are doors that will remain shut if the keys are not known or used.

Jesus said, “I have given you the keys of the kingdom”.

You cannot exercise authority without the key. You can be shut out of your own home if you lose your key.

The scriptures are full of keys. Keys to Salvation, Health, Wealth, Honour, Glory, Eternal Life, Deeper Fellowship.

Prayer and communion with the Spirit of God also gives us keys.

You can download the strategy that opens up new frontiers for your work. You can access the key that unlocks the heart of your spouse.

Do not keep banging on the doors. Do not keep trying the wrong keys. Ask the Father to show you the keys of the kingdom in each and every situation.

Do not do copy and paste. Find the keys!!!

God’s kingdom operates by order. The scriptures will never be broken.

If you are praying for wealth, the combination code does not include laziness and greed! You will be locked out.

Be patient enough to get the key. Be wise in applying the key. Get those doors open.

Would you get to a closed gate and keep quiet wishing that it may one day open or would you ask Daddy for the key?

Temiloluwa Ola, Eruwa

Postscript: I heard Danielle’s (Moyantoluwa Imisioluwa Ola) first cry at 2.23am exactly two years ago. Happy Birthday Girl.

I am sure God keeps smiling when He sees how you are turning out. We pray we bring out and bring you into all God has planned for you! Amen

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