2008 was a pretty tough year for my brother. The first of the incidence was early in that year when he had an accident. The Peugeot 505 he was driving did not survive it but he came out unhurt!

Out of thanksgiving and support from parents, he got a new car. Few months later (08/08/08), he was working overnight in his office and came out in the morning and the car was already stolen.

Same year, all he invested in a business was lost in a twinkling. And to crown it all, we ran into armed robbers on his wedding day late November. They escaped gun shots.

But today the story is different. He is still here and getting stronger!

What is the point? No matter what you may be going through as you read this- do not give up! Hope does not put to shame.

It may look tough but the expectation of a righteous man shall not be cut short. You are down but alive. Get back on your feet.

If Job had committed suicide, he would not have seem the double that he was meant to get at the end.

Through the dark tunnel, light up yourself. If your head be bowed, take a Job posture of worship.

Be patient. The solution is never complex.

Be steadfast. It could be hard but let your miracle meet you on your feet.

Be resourceful. What is one thing you can do that will take you one step ahead no matter how small?

Be open. Share with a trusted friend. Do not keep it to yourself. Negative things stored within eats you up! Worry has no worthwhile value. Ask for help!

Be in a believers company. That ‘fake’ roaring lion looks for isolated sheep to eat up. Harass that devil with your commitment to godly values.

Let me pray for you:

No matter how tough it looks now, you are coming back stronger. The Lord is turning around the story. Your answers will come and it will look like a dream. Recieve courage to stay through.

There is love in sharing

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