Danielle was watching a music video on my phone but the battery was already low. After a while, the battery went flat and the phone shut down.

My daughter walks to the charging point and attempts plugging the phone. I helped out.

When the initial screen light came on, my daughter pulled out the charger but as she walked away, the phone went off again.

Proverbs 25:2 says:

God conceals the revelation of his word in the hiding place of his glory. But the honor of kings is revealed by how they thoroughly search out the deeper meaning of all that God says

Did you see those two words, “thoroughly search”. That is the mark of diligence. That is the price we pay for insight.

We search in studying and in praying. We search the Word and the Spirit of God searches the things of God in prayer.

As believers we want to enjoy the power of revelation but we do not want to pay the price of revelation.

If you are in the place of prayer or study and insight begins to drop, that is not the time to pull out, it is time to press in.

You would see nothing on the screen if you have not invested in the moments behind the scene.

Pray for staying power in the place of prayer. Do not run to town with a ‘flash-in-the-screen’ revelation. It will not last.

There is something called the labour in word and doctrine. You must also take the patience of building solid inner strength and character.

Prayer and good character go hand in hand. You cannot be praying for God’s will to be done when you are not doing His will.

Do not run to start out your own thing without the vital connection of learning. An apprentice must not open a workshop until he becomes a master.

Do not pull off the charger when the light of the screen comes on- be patient. Stay connected. Get charged up!

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