I stepped out long before dawn to spend some time praying. As I prayed with a torch in my hand, I spotted a lizard.

It jolted me when I saw it. I kept shining the torch on it. It did not bulge. It did not move. That was my first time of seeing a sleeping lizard.

It slept right at the back of a chair. I kept praying and shining light on it at intervals- it did not bulge.

I began to look for a stick to kill it. I got a short one but felt it was too light yet the lizard was sleeping.

I stepped in and the lizard did not respond to the sound of the door. I found a longer and broader stick.

I stepped out and with one stroke, it was right on the floor dead!

Then a light bulb came up!

While men slept, the enemy came. A  lizard that is awake would never wait to be killed. But it was sleeping.

I flashed light on it severally. It did not respond. How many prompts of the spirit have you neglected? You slept on it without a care.

If not for the mercies of God, your choice of sleep over a time of prayer would have cost you some fatal blows.

I was on the wheel one day and I had a prompt to begin to pray. In less than 30 seconds of praying in the spirit, I was saved from an accident with a motorcycle on top speed without caution.

Never joke with the urge to pray because you do not know what is on the way.

Comrades, when the signal of heaven comes to your spirit, wake up! Stand up! Take your duty post prayerfully.

Do you know that one of the reasons that made the Titanic sink was that the signals of danger about an iceberg was taken for granted?

Do not sleep off spiritual signals.

Stay alert!

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