As it is our custom, every morning after morning devotion, we greet one another- smiles, hugs blessings and kind words flow.

But that morning, my daughter would have none of it. She was touchy and moody. All the “Say Good Morning dear” did not work.

Well! I said to the mum’s hearing that “In the name of Jesus, I rebuke that spirit of mood swing”.

In less than a minute, my daughter was back smiling, hugging and kneeling to greet her mum and I.

I jokingly told Irewamiri “that is what I do when you decide to be naughty also”. I pray under my breath. She said, “I do the same too”. We had a good laugh!

Prayer can change the atmosphere of any environment. It is not about shouting, it is about a spiritual consciousness.

You can bring the temperature down. You must learn as a believer how to take charge of atmospheres. Keep praying under your breath any time your spouse or child shows signs you do not understand.

This is not an alternative to intentional continuous praying. There are moments in life when you cannot say “I will go and pray for one hour and then come back”. It is spontaneous.

Nehemiah prayed a spontaneous under the breath prayer when the king asked him, “What is your request”. He prayed to God and answered. That was spontaneous.

But this was asides the time he had set aside to pray earlier about the situation in Jerusalem.

Spontaneous praying must never be the replacement for planned praying. If you do not spend time praying, you will panic in heated situations.

You may scream on your spouse or your child instead of settling things under the breath with prayer. Your attitude at work will be poor. You will pick unnecessary fights.

Prayer affects our attitude. You will notice that you are calm when your flesh wants to explode in anger.

Prayer helps bring the fruit of the spirit to the scene in tough times- you are patient when that bus driver or bike rider crosses and then curses you in traffic.

You are responding with love in the midst of hateful situations. You have peace in th midst of a storm.

As a believer, you must practice both forms of praying. Pray before issues happen intentionally and pray in the midst of it.

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