I was greatly troubled when I invited the brother for a heart to heart discussion on an issue that I know was simply ungodly- it had no two words to describe it.

When I laid down what I believe would be a friendly godly warning on the matter, the response I got shook me to my bones.

He looked at me and said, “Don’t you have your own weaknesses too?”

I was shocked.


When you begin to see sin as as a weakness, you will not be open to divine rebuke.

Sin is sin! The wages of sin is death. Weaknesses are laid aside. We mortify the works of the flesh. The nature of sin must be exchanged for the Spirit of Life in Christ.

You cannot improve on a dog till it becomes a man. Salvation is not a motivational self improvement programme. No!

It is God’s redemption package from a life of sin. It breaks the stronghold of sin over your life.

If you keep giving excuses and calling sin a weakness, you will never escape the grip of death- the wages of sin.

Every time we sin, something dies in us. Sin is limiting. There is a difference between weakness and wickedness.

Do not slip into hell from the pews of the church simply because you kept underrating the consequence of sin.

If it took Jesus to die for our sin, that is some serious issue that you must not take for granted.

Stop justifying nonsense. Sexual purity goes beyond “We did not have sex” but you did everything else. Can you hear yourself?

Stop tolerating sin. A guest well treated will stay longer than intended. Get the room of your life too hot that sin will take a walk to places where things are taken cool.

I am not taking things cool.

Sin is sin!

Hate sin! Hate Sin. Hate Sin.

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