My dear brother and family friend is a father of boys and he told me that his last boy constantly prays for my daughter.

Every time he prays, he never misses to mention Imisi in prayers. And then he added that “Maybe…”

We both had a good laugh.

Friends, there is no harm in investing in prayers. It is an investment that does not crash.

There are things we see today that are simply results of prayers we prayed yesterday and amazingly it could be prayers a generation before us prayed.

Prayer is an investment that never crashes!

There is no harm in praying about everything- Pray about the friends you willl meet, pray about the spouse you have not known, pray about the future till it becomes real, pray for the spouses of your children, pray about the house keepers or child handlers, pray about the hands that will take delivery of your baby!

Prayer is an investment that never crashes!

If there was (maybe) a man who did not need to pray, it would be Jesus Christ but He taught us by example- He prayed long before dawn, he prayed all night, he prayed when it was not convenient, he prayed before making critical decisions.

If Jesus prayed, you must pray.

He lives his day calling out what he prayed about all night.

Prayer is an investment that does not crash!

When the Queen of Sheba came bringing the Gold of Sheba to Solomon, it was not just about the wisdom of Solomon, it was an answer to the prayer of David.

David prayed for Solomon saying, “The kings of Sheba and Seba will bring him presents…May Gold from Sheba be given to him” (Psalm 78:10,15)

Prayer is an investment that never crashes.

You can begin to pre-arrange the future through prayers and intercession.

Do not live life on neutral!

Get to work. Be a wise investor!

There is love in sharing

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