Danielle woke up and came to say good morning to Dad. She wanted to watch a video of a song on the phone titled “God’s love”.

Then we had this conversation.

Dad: Would you allow dad to send out a morning message first before you have the phone?

Danielle: Yes! (I know she was still going to ask again for the phone)

Dad: Danielle, What should we send out today?

Danielle: God’s love.

(Well! I know she wants to watch a video and is insisting on what she wants to see but the request stuck)

What should we send out today? God’s love.

As a matter of fact, we must send it all everyday. Love is a debt we owe!

A look around us shows how starved our world is of the Love of God. The Love of God is a constant consolation in the midst of the mess in our world.

The Love of God goes the extra mile. The love of God does not just pray for the needy without stretching out a hand of care.

The love of God follows the conduct of Jesus after praying in the name of Jesus.

The Love of God is not just a sticker on car but has a grip on our heart. So even in traffic, we do not use foul language.

We know people are pressured and we do all we can to change their expressions.

The love of God is patient and consistently kind.

The love of God does not overlook needs beside us- your gateman is a man and your cook is loved of God. They deserve the best also and not just left overs.

The love of God is not looking for the opportunity to inject in a “personal testimony” so that others may know that you are also making progress.

The love of God seeks the best in others and sees the best in others.

The love of God is selfless! It can hold a powerful saviour to the cross.

I honestly tell myself that if I was as powerful as Jesus and the people are taunting me on the cross to come down to prove I am the Messiah.

Me! I will come down and ask, “Have you seen the power of God?”

I will humble them and I will now go back to die on the cross.

But the greatest test of love is when you have all the power but you have it under control.

If I was the one on the cross, I would be thinking of the betrayal of Judas and the denial of Peter, but not Jesus! He had no hurt. He held no offence.

The actions or inaction of people must not change the Godly nature of love that you carry.

Never let your excuse be “He or she made me do it”.

Own your choices and let it be love.

There is love in sharing
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