One of my sons in the Lord who is just growing in the faith mentioned that he had been plagued for a season with the fear of death in his life and his family. He had become fearful. There was even pressure (due to his background) to make some rituals to appease a strange deity. 

I laughed and asked him, “You have not said a single thing about your redemption and what Christ has done for you. Have you forgotten your previous testimonies of victory by the word so soon?” He said, “This season I stumbled on one of my notes where you said, ‘The sacrifice of Christ is enough’. It kept me from being a part of any ritual”. 

I gave him a message from my spiritual father about “How to deal with the fear of death” and a teaching from church on “The Name of Jesus”. He returned the following week with a testimony: 

“Pastor, I listened to the message immediately. Then I listened several times each day. My spirit became so strengthened”. He even had a dream that was a very powerful encounter and victory over that strange spirit of the fear of death. 

Beloved one, fear will reign wherever the Word of God has no space. A lot of times, we have not built an arsenal of defence by the Word of the Lord. We have not sharpened our Sword of the Spirit in a long time. Some have even dropped the sword. 

In the times we are in and at all times, your spirit man must be fuelled to the brim with scriptures. Your confession of the word must be solid. No matter how busy a soldier is, he does not joke with his rifle. When some Christians are busy, the first thing that suffers is their devotion to God. Where did we see such a pattern? 

One of the most critical units in the military is the Intelligence Gathering Unit. If the intel is wrong, a mission can become suicidal. If there is no intel, it will be like groping in the dark. Gather intelligence from the Word of God and sharpen your Sword- hell is not smiling but we are not retreating also. 

Hear this, there is a covenant of long life over you. But do you remember the terms of the covenant? 

First, you must have a relationship with the Most High. And if you are a child of God, you must be dwelling in the secret place of the Most High and abide under the shadow of the Almighty. It is not a place you visit. It is a place you dwell. 

Second, you must watch what you say. The Psalmist said, “I will say of the Lord…” What are you saying? What the enemy turns into fiery darts are careless, idle, and vain words that we speak. Words are weapons in the realm of the Spirit. Choose your words with a Christ-guided and word-framed heart. 

Finally, rebuke that foul spirit in the name of Jesus. Do not entertain the thoughts of death. Do not take any thought that is not of the Lord. It feels good when you are being pitied but make it hard for anyone to pity you. Do not court pity. Speak life. 

I pray for you: You shall not die. You shall live to declare the glory of the Lord. God has satisfied you with long life. Till your hairs are grey, your health is preserved. That strange order of death is reversed. 

Do not forget the terms. 

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