Some years ago, we were preparing for our annual convention. We had a budget of a hundred and eighty thousand naira (180,000) but we had just about ten percent of that amount. The week before the convention, the pressure of “How will it be?” began to rise.

I did not say a word to anyone in the ministry. We simply carried on with what we had. I had a song in my mouth daily (it is in the Yoruba language):

Jesus will perform a miracle.
Jesus will perform a miracle.
The way and manner He will do it
I do not know
But Jesus will perform a miracle.

I sang that song all week. I refused to be under pressure. On the Sunday of the week of the convention, a lady reached out. She mentioned how the devotionals have blessed her family and their church. They had used some of them in church. She apologised for not taking permission before they used it. I was grateful for the feedback.

Minutes later, she messaged again. She and her husband have agreed to send a seed to us as a ministry for our anniversary and asked if we would not mind (I laughed hard. Money that I was in faith for). I sent the account number and there was silence for almost 48 hours.

Just two days before the convention, we travelled to get things we needed out of town with the little we had. On our way back, we received an alert of two hundred and fifty thousand naira. It was way beyond our needs. God did it. We danced. We rejoiced. We gave thanks.

First, when you do not know how it will happen, let your faith rest in God and His Word. One of the ways you would show that you believe in the Lord is by glorifying him. That was what Abraham did to strengthen his faith while he waited for Isaac:

He did not waver at the promise of God through unbelief, but was strengthened in faith, giving glory to God,
Romans 4:20 NKJV

Second, make sure you have a container that can trap the rains of the blessing. God used my writing to convey the blessing. If you are lazy, all you have is wishful thinking. For instance, it will rain everywhere but without containers, you cannot trap the one you will use in your house. You will be seeing the rain and others with water but you will be in lack. Have a container.

Please, even if you are in full-time ministry, make sure you use the time fully. Only labourers are worthy of the wages. It is not for daydreamers.

Till your ground. Plant the seed of diligence and hard work. When it rains, it will produce fruits. But remember, if you are lazy when it rains, something will grow – weeds of worry, anxiety, pressure, and lack and if you are not careful, you will become manipulative.

Stay in joy.
Build a container.

Did you get it?

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